Reply To: My intented layout for a live graphic recording

September 17, 2015 at 8:57 am #3165
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Thank you Kylie and hello Ravensojourn (not sure what is your first name 😉 )

Having a plan obviously is a form of reassurance for me, I think what it does is make me think of what components need to go on the board in principle so I am ready for these. What is not easy is tômanage the space -in both of my experiences, might have needed more space – so the plan helps that live space management.
The downside of a plan is this : when I start to go out of plan, …I wonder, should I leave this helper behind. For instance on Monday there was a few seconds where I saw myself going down vertically for the intro and not accross as planned – I could see this might be tricky afterwards, but then decided to do it anyway as I really did not feel a horizontal box would do.
Hmm, at the end of the day, my intuition is more experience = less need for pre structured layout.
(But in the meantime, pre laying out works for me).
In the same spirit, practicing several sketches/drawings in relation to the topic is useful – it builds some “stock” and I know if not other inspiration comes I can use these visuals.

It’s funny that only now realise how useful it is to keep track of my practice visual vocabulary!

And last – I want to pay a tribute to Doug Neil and the VtoV classroom which has done a magnificent job in getting me in a crash course – repractice. I so love the short, structured, meaningful’videos!!