Reply To: Melaine's Challenge 15 Submission: A Sketchnoting Habit

September 16, 2015 at 5:05 am #3151
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Very cool stuff! I connect with this as a yoga teacher as well as a visual practitioner … never thought to combine these two things, but with your posts now I see the value!

On the topic of Sketchnoting Habit, check out @DCScribes on twitter … they post a daily doodle challenge, which is great, quick, fun to practice drawing all sorts of interesting things (great for developing that critical Visual Vocabulary). I follow their tweets via cell (I get a mobile notification) so I can hopefully stop for a minute whereever I am, draw the word of the day, and reply back on the spot … also it’s a great way to connect to other visual practitioners across the globe … Here’s today’s post:

Today’s #graphicfacilitation practice: draw HOT SAUCE. Draw for ~a minute > snap a pic > reply to this tweet w/ it. #todaysdoodle

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