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September 8, 2015 at 7:14 am #3064
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PROGRESS! So I still haven’t jumped full into live sketchnoting but I am learning working on choosing what to include. From the group challenge a few weeks ago I learned that if I give myself time I really enjoy the finished product. My goal is to eventually be able to live sketchnote so I’m a little scared about getting comfortable taking text notes first and then adding the visual later off site.

Nevertheless I did text notes first just this Sunday at church. Then immediately laid them out visually and posted online. I got a lot of great feedback AND my time creating the notes was cut by a HOUR or 25%! (1 hour to take notes and 2 hours to draw).

Does anyone have thoughts on how to train myself to gradually move from “after action note taking” to live sketchnoting?

Attached are the notes I posted online AND the speaker’s request to use the notes for a presentation! I’m thinking of trying to make him slides of each section as well. You know, since we learned about hand drawn slides 🙂

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