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March 7, 2015 at 1:12 am #297
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Hello MaryAnnBell! I’m in Oregon. Although I’m sure Maine is wonderful. Not as sure about the Texas variant!

I do a ton of screencasting as well. I don’t do much sketchnoting yet, per se, but I would certainly attribute much of the success in my career to my focus on translating complicated and/or abstract and/or boring ideas (think corporate training) into a more visually comprehensible medium. I spend an lot of time between Photoshop and Camtasia, so most of my visual expression, up until now, has involved building the many individual layers (ideas) up into a broader composition. And then finding subtle animations to help illustrate the construction, and sometimes deconstruction of those ideas.

Awesome that your students are already using screencasts. There’s plenty of jobs out there for those with a skillset for it!