Reply To: Process equals constraints?

August 28, 2015 at 1:32 pm #2935
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Hi Dominic, Thanks for raising your question. Doug’s right – you’re not the only one to be thinking about it.
I too initially struggled with the concept of constraints and wondered about the connection to process. I really love Melaine’s response – it makes so much sense. And the example of time as a constraint, and the fact that it is often beyond our control, I thought was the biggest constraint I faced.

However, this week I have come to realise that my own mindset was (is?) a significant constraint. Although I’m diving in and trying out various methods and can definitely see improvements, I still don’t have the confidence in my own ability, which holds me back, and I often lose sight of the fact that I’m doing this just for me, and any improvement is better than not having tried.

I am in the process of moving towards helpful reflection instead of critical rumination!
Now if only I could make similar changes when it comes to the constraint of time…… 🙂