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August 12, 2015 at 7:37 am #2818
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Hi Sara,

Thanks for the hi.:-)
It’s seems there is quite a few living in France following this course. This is great!

You talked about this “growing need to clear the crap of (your) home”, I felt the same because I realised that no matter what positive action I wanted to engage in was defused in effect by the encumbered stuff I hold onto. I couldn’t get this peace inside…
This is an ongoing-process though and I am falling down more often that I would like but little by little I’m getting there (where I don’t know though ;-)).
I won’t lie to you. This clearing has not been an easy drive but telling myself it was going to be a one-time shot was actually easier to do the first step. I have also been surprised how much things I had. I do not have any children but I live with my partner and I let him deal with his own stuff. Doing just my part is already quite a challenge and that is all I can do…

The relation you do between clearing one’s head and one’s home is something I am experiencing too.
Doing this clearing put me face to face with the why I do procrastinate with certain things. I am just beginning to see it as fear protecting itself trying to find out what is feared and put some small actions down to replace it by something much more fulfilling. I know that some of it have been transmitted through education while young and that can be hard to let go off but in that too, there is a necessary cleaning and choosing that has to take place as well …
Of course that won’t resolve everything but I enjoy the changes it does to me.

This said, would you mind sharing with me where you are on the course?
Still haven’t completed the work of the first module even though I begun an ongoing “remplissage” of papers with alphabet written on it:-).