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August 11, 2015 at 5:44 am #2810
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Hi Coco,

I also loved your post and can really relate to the analogy of clear space, clear mind.
I am slowly returning to “normal life” after a period of depression and am finding a growing need to clear the crap out of my home as I am also clearing crap from my mind. I love doing my daily meditation, but feel deflated when I open my eyes to the mess of my home. Of course, with 2 little girls and a messy hubby at home its not easy but I try a little each day.
Much like my Sketch noting, a little each day has really helped me connect back to the creative person I am at my core (thank you Doug).

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi (I live in Haute Savoie) and I hope we can both keep making progress towards a clear space and mind.