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July 31, 2015 at 7:07 am #2634
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Hi Kylie,

Thanks for replying.
The analogy holds true for me too as I see visual note-taking as a way to communicate : expressing and receiving information. When I learned english at school it wasn’t so great actually. Beside the course not being enticing, I had teachers that taught us grammar instead of teaching us to speak to each other.
It is when i went abroad that I understood that it was a way to exchange, get the information I wanted (on well-being, ecology, cooking and the likes…) and I got to really enjoy that immersion…

Trough my cleaning, I’m learning not to live with regrets nor remorse. If you feel something is important for you in that learning of french, you can do it. Visual note-taking and mind-mapping is great for that. Even if you threw away the lessons there are so many great courses on the net these days… I wanted to do sign language and I may come back to it but freeing up my head is a great thing as I can say what is most important for me now.
Learning to take visual notes is one of them. And I come with a set of beliefs that think I can’t draw so you know, that is a big thing for me…

Anyway, I’m very glad you replied.

À très bientôt.