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March 3, 2015 at 3:14 am #241
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Rockey – I am living and working in Grand Rapids MI what are the chances? Anyways I own a small art teaching company here and have been teaching art and creative problem solving here for 9 years. Before that I worked at GE selling electrical supplies here and in Toledo, OH and Cleveland. Right after college I worked in a Malaria research lab at MSU – thinking I would improve my grades to apply to Medical School – as my friend became doctors I realize I was happier selling my electrical supplies. After 9/11 I decide I was ready to start my own business so a purchased a franchise that provides art classes to children and adults 20 months – age 12. That part of my life is changing but I want keep being creative and I learned about Suni Brown and Up your Creative Genius and that lead to Verbal to Visual and Doug Neill class and website. I am looking forward to learning and to connecting.