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July 9, 2015 at 11:18 am #2317
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Thanks Doug.
I know Beatrice (aka Yukulili) as we work together for one common client 🙂 . She was the one to remind me your website. I had already visited a while ago.
I work really on different types of modules and that is what I like in my job. A new domain to discover each time. So far I have come across banking solutions, insurance, health, industry…they can be aimed at sales people or corporate or everyone (induction modules).
And I work mainly in English as English is the business language 🙂 . But languages are my first passion as I have a master in English translation.

Heading for dinner, have a blast in Portland, I cast a glance to the event you mentioned and it sounds and looks great! I wish I could attend! Must be uplifting!