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April 12, 2015 at 1:10 pm #1411
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The Travel Photo Workshop

I’m attaching the blank template that I used for taking notes for the photo workshop. The idea was that I would sketch photos in the boxes and make notes about them underneath and alongside. The column on the right was for tips and ideas that weren’t related to a particular photo. I made six sheets of this template before the 6-hour workshop and I used them all. I only sketched photos that I really liked or learned something from — we probably saw 5 times more photos than I captured.

I’m also attaching page 2 of the notes that I took so you can see how the template worked — beautifully! For example, the middle box won’t mean anything to you, but looking at it, I remember a stunning photo and a reminder to be creative about capturing movement in my photographs.

Up next, I’d like to take all these notes and put together a sheet that will be helpful to others — what I learned from this travel photography workshop. It’s something I’d like to share here and on my blog. I also want it to be something that I could refer to when I’m planning a trip.