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April 9, 2015 at 11:36 am #1364
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My goal is to develop my visual note taking skills so that I can teach my students, colleagues and administrators about the immense benefits visual notes and graphic recording can have in education.

My context is that I am an Elementary Art teacher who stumbled onto sketchnoting about 8 months ago and am so excited about the possibilities for using it to increase student engagement, personal relevance, comprehension and visual literacy. I have already been teaching it in my art room as a warm up activity, but just presented it to our district Director of Curriculum & Instruction and her department is very excited! I am going to be teaching several summer workshops for teachers and plan to continue teaching my students how to use it.

The desired outcome is for all students to have access to this tool for learning and synthesizing information beginning in 4th & 5th grade and for our district to use visual note taking and graphic recording to engage all learners (children and adults!) and foster connection and collaboration.